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Belvedere Travel Terms & Conditions for Yacht and Gulet Charter

Interested parties

Belvedere Travel is the agent based in UK acting for two Turkish Gulet/Yacht companies based in Bodrum. (Gulet/Yacht provider) The client, making the booking/reservation, is called the Group Organiser acting for his/her group of friends and family.

The contract

Correspondence between Belvedere Travel and the Group Organiser is conducted by email and by telephone. A legal contract (established by the email correspondence and the issuing of an invoice) is binding once holiday dates have been agreed and the client's deposit has been cleared through the Belvedere Travel bank account. The group organiser is, from then on, responsible for supplying Belvedere Travel with all monies owed in the time frame below and all relevant and necessary information for travel to Turkey for all the members of his/her group.


A deposit of 30% must be paid to Belvedere Travel by the organiser of the group at the time of booking. If the number of people in the party is confirmed, the deposit due is 30% of the charter fee and food costs. If numbers of clients are not yet certain, then the deposit will be for 30% of the charter and food and drink for the minimum of 6 adults. The full balance is due 6 weeks before the first day of the holiday. The holiday is not secure if the balance has not been paid before the six week deadline and Belvedere Travel retains the right to sell the week or period on to other clients. The original deposit will be forfeited.

Health Insurance and Passport Requirements.

Clients are responsibile for and must have health and travel insurance. Their visa, passport and other critical information must be current. Belvedere Travel cannot accept any liability or responsibilities for these matters, which remain the whole responsibility of each individual client during their holidays. Turkish law requires that persons entering Turkey apply on line for their entry visa (approximately £20) Their passports are valid three months after the last day of their holiday in Turkey. It is important that the group organiser alerts his/her group to this information.


The date of cancellation applies when Belvedere Travel has been notified by email or hard copy during office hours between 9am and before 5pm on the date of the receipt of the client's wish to terminate their holiday. Notification after 5pm will be considered to have been received on the following working day.

The following charges apply after the booking confirmation;

Cancellation between 7 & 120 days before the start date of the holiday 25% of the total price
Cancellation between 120 days & 90 days before the start date of the holiday 30% of the total price
Cancellation between 90 days & 42 days before the start date of the holiday 60% of the total price
Cancellation 42 days before the start of the holiday 100% of the total price

Belvedere Travel will supply invoices etc for any insurance claims.

Changes by the Gulet/Yacht providers

The Gulet/Yacht providers have the right to change the contract due to circumstances beyond their control. In this case the client is free to cancel the agreement within 72 hours after notification of the changes.

The Gulet/Yacht providers will offer, if possible, an equal or better alternative if major changes to the contract have to be made. The Gulet/Yacht providers have the right to change the journey depending on weather conditions whenever the captain of the ship decides to do so. In this case the clients have no right of compensation.


Any dissatisfaction or problems experienced by the Group Organiser and his/her party should be raised with the captain as soon as they become apparent. The captain and his crew will endeavour to rectify the problem if it is within their control. The Gulet/Yacht providers will consider all complaints and if established that they are liable, they will consider compensation. Belvedere Travel will act as a go between on behalf of both parties.

Exclusion and restrictions of the liability

Belvedere Travel is an intermediary between the Gulet/Yacht providers and the client/Group Organiser, and is not liable for damages incurred by either party.

The Gulet/Yacht providers are not liable for damages usually covered by travel, medical and/or cancellation insurance of the clients. The liability of the Gulet/Yacht providers is limited to the monies originally paid to Belvedere Travel for the period agreed and the services provided on-board. This excludes excursions, water sports, flights, hotels and transfers and any other related expenses, which are the responsibility of the clients (the Group Organiser) and the service provider.

Force Majeure

Force majeure; this means abnormal circumstances of which the consequences, in spite of all precautionary measures, could not be avoided. Belvedere Travel nor the Gulet/Yacht providers cannot be held responsible in these circumstances.

Health and Safety

Strict safety instructions are issued by the captain of the gulet/yacht soon after embarkation of the client and his/her group. It is imperative that clients adhere to the safety rules.


The Group Organiser and his/her group are responsible for any damage they cause and are liable for any repairs required and bills to be settled before leaving Turkey.

Good sailing!

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